Limited Time Bundle Expires In:

Lucy B's Beauty x Today Show FAQ:

When will my order ship?

Within 2 weeks of your order.

Where do orders ship from?

Van Nuys California.

Do you ship internationally?

To Canada and USA.

Can I combine this offer with another discount code I have?

No, this is a special Today Show & Lucy B's offer for a limited time.

Can I make changes or returns to my order after it is placed?

No, sale is final.

What is the limit in number of bundles I can purchase?

You can purchase Unlimited bundles.

How long will this exclusive bundle be available for purchase?

For 48 Hours Only.

What products are included in each bundle?

There are three items and three bundles,  you can choose from what color Shimmer Oil you'd like, then each comes with a roll-on perfume, a tinted coconut lip gloss.

Can I know when the next sale or discount is?

We will email a newsletter to all our fans telling them when the next sale is on, sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know.